How To Sell Your Jewellery

Selling your gold to us is a hassle-free process! Unlike others, we gladly purchase gold in any amount, whether it’s a mere gram or multiple kilograms. Our well-informed team is equipped to handle all quantities of scrap gold, ensuring a pleasant and professional experience.

While we do provide the option for customers to mail their gold via Royal Mail, we always prefer to meet you in person whenever possible. If you decide to visit us, rest assured that our highly trained staff is ready to assist you, and no prior appointment is required.

What You Can Sell

We pay the highest rates for precious metals including:

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

We buy scrap gold and silver giving a very high percentage of the latest gold spot price in any form such as:

Bullion and Coins

Old, Broken, and Damaged Jewellery

Pocket watches


Dental and Industrial scrap

Unhallmarked Items!

All scrap gold!

Current Precious Metal Buying Prices


9ct Gold from £19-£21 per gram
14ct Gold from £30-£33 per gram
18ct Gold from £38-£43 per gram
22ct Gold from £47-£52 per gram
24ct Gold from £51-£57 per gram
Dental Scrap Gold and Palladium- Wall puritied wanted! Please call for more information


.500 Silver from £0.23-£0.27 per gram
.925 Silver from £0.47-£0.53 per gram
.999 Silver from £0.60-£0.64 per gram
Fine Silver from £19-£20 per Troy oz
Industrial Silver- All purities wanted! Please call for more information.

Coins & Bars

1oz Gold Coins & Bars from £1700-£1750
Gold Full Sovereigns from £380-£410
Gold Half Sovereigns from £190-£205
Pre 1947 GB Silver from 22x face value
Gold Bars .999 from £54-£56 per gram
Silver Bars .999 from £0.60- £0.64 per gram

Frequently Asked Questions

We calculate our prices daily in accordance with the live gold price. Check out our home page for our most recent prices or call us on 0151 666 1431.

Gold purity is measured in two systems called Carat and Fineness, which denotes the purity of the metal in parts per thousand. In most cases, the purity of a gold item should be hallmarked or indicated in some other way. For example, a 100g gold bar contains a gold fineness of 999.9, which means the bar is 99.99% pure gold. An item that is 9ct contains 37.5% pure gold and the rest alloy (375 parts per thousand), the recognised hallmark would be ‘375’.

We have an XRF Analyzer. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive analytical method used to determine elemental concentrations in various materials.

We buy all precious metals, including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. If you need more information please call us on 0151 666 1431.

Yes. We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery to get your goods to us in the safest manner possible, with insurance available up to £500, £1000, or £2500 in value. Sales greater than £2500 should be separated into additional parcels. Please allow up to 3 working for your items to be valued once we receive them.

We pay via Bank Transfer. This transaction is instant, once the process is complete.

Once a price is agreed upon, payment is the same day and the transaction via bank transfer is instant once the process is complete.